Flowering Tea always leaves an unforgettable taste and make people love it

Longing for beauty and health?
The following types of flowering teas are able to give you the beauty throughout the body.


[Apple Green Tea] (Diet Recommendation: ***)
Ingredients: Green Tea Powder, Apple, Slice of Lemon x 2pcs
Method: Mix the green tea powder, apple juice and hot water with your preferred portion. Put 2 slices of lemon into the beverage. Drink every day and night. Better drink it before bed time. It could be served hot and cold.
Benefits: Relieve edema; help with urination and burn fat.


[Sour and Sweet Black Tea] (Detoxification Recommendation: ***)
Ingredients: Dired Mandarin x 6pcs, Orange x1pc, 1 tea bag of Black Tea, 1 spoon of Honey & Jam
Method: Blend orange to make juice. Boil dried mandarin in a hot pan and then put the orange juice, jam and honey into the hot pan. Cook it until jam and honey melt thoroughly. Put the teabag into the hot pan and stir. It could be served hot and cold.
Benefits: Relieve thirst and be good for appetite.


[Lemon Black Tea] (Beauty Recommendation: ***)
Ingredients: Put ingredients into Pao2Go one by one, and pour hot or cold water into Pao2Go.
Benefits: Relax mind and bowels

The cup of flowering tea you taste make you relax in your bedroom, while other accessories carry your sweet memories and reminds you of your beautiful past and bright future.

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