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The unforgetable taste of flowering tea


Flowering Tea always leaves an unforgettable taste and make people love it

Longing for beauty and health?
The following types of flowering teas are able to give you the beauty throughout the body.

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Recipe for Japanese Dishes


Not only or ourselves, we are also able to share the happiness of a delicious meal with those we love. There is an old saying about Japanese foods “The original taste of the ingredient is the best taste ever, which could not be overwhelmed.”

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: Cold Brew Tea – Taste never been better


When people go for tea, a hot one in summer, seems only for elderly or women who are tea enthusiasts. Cold-brewing is the wise choice to taste nice while enjoy the benefits of tea. Brew the tea with cold water under room temperature or in the refrigerator, it extracts catechin first that contribute antioxidant and scavenge free radicals. Instead, cold-brewing draws fewer tannins into the tea than hot-brewing. Alternative to more bitterness with over hot-brewing, cold brew tea is naturally sweet, clean-tasting with little to no bitterness.

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